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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just in time for the Artful Affair

I've been spending lots of time in art museums lately.  There is so much inspiration to be found and so much to learn! Most pieces of artwork start with a blank canvas, and at this time of year MY blank canvas is the gray cashmere sweater, or the textured merino sweater dress by Eileen Fisher that is on my wish list.  That sweater was more than enough to start with, but then a box arrived from PopSugar.  OK, so a monthly subscription to a box of surprises was sounding a little self-indulgent, but too intriguing to pass up. So, my September box arrived with, among many other goodies, a luxurious modal scarf by Tilo tucked inside. That combined with the gray cashmere and I was off to my studio.  The result? A bold peacock pearl necklace.  And just in time for the Artful Affair on Saturday, September 20th.

I am stringing, wrapping, sawing, drilling, and hammering my way to a lavish assortment of new pieces.  Some peacock, some dove gray, some deep cabernet, some straight metals...I am inundated with ideas and my bench is overflowing with strands of gemstones, loose pearls, pliers, hammers and sheets of silver. If you want to see what's new then by all means stop by the Artful Affair! SO many artists (eleven to be exact) selling everything from pastries to reclaimed wood frames, from folk art to luxe beanies, fragrant handmade soaps to gorgeous needlework. And fresh flowers, and essential oils, and.... I'm excited to begin shopping and crossing gifts like "21st birthday wine glasses" and "baby gifts" off my list.

Please join me Saturday, September 21st, 2104; 1104 Middletown Rd, Greensburg, PA.  11AM -3PM


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