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Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting ready for the Holiday Trunk Show

As usual I am busy trying to make too many ideas into pieces of jewelry in time for Saturday's Trunk Show.  The color scheme that keeps coming back to me is one of warm metals and cool stones. Think gold and labradorite, add a bit of garnet for that deep red and you have my most recent design.  This is one that I might have to make "one for me" and "one to sell."  That tends to happen a lot....

I hope you can swing by on Saturday.  Marlene and her delicious pastries will be here with me and we will be ready to help you cross off names on your Christmas list.

Can't make it? You can always stop by the new Westmoreland Museum's gift shop and pick up some Zippity Doodads.  And while you are there, spend some time in the galleries, the new building and recent additions to the collection of American art is outstanding.