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Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting ready for the Holiday Trunk Show

As usual I am busy trying to make too many ideas into pieces of jewelry in time for Saturday's Trunk Show.  The color scheme that keeps coming back to me is one of warm metals and cool stones. Think gold and labradorite, add a bit of garnet for that deep red and you have my most recent design.  This is one that I might have to make "one for me" and "one to sell."  That tends to happen a lot....

I hope you can swing by on Saturday.  Marlene and her delicious pastries will be here with me and we will be ready to help you cross off names on your Christmas list.

Can't make it? You can always stop by the new Westmoreland Museum's gift shop and pick up some Zippity Doodads.  And while you are there, spend some time in the galleries, the new building and recent additions to the collection of American art is outstanding.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Holiday Open House

If you are looking for something a little sweet and sparkly to fill their stocking, then stop in!  I will have lots of new pieces.

Can't make it?  Then by all means make a visit to the new Westmoreland Museum of American Art.  Their gift store is overflowing with fabulous gift ideas and they have a nice selection of Zippity Doodads!

All the best,


Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Fall Artful Affair is this Saturday!

And naturally that means I have been busy coming up with new pieces.  This beautiful transition weather has kept me working with a warmer color palette and leather cord and to some I've added a handmade sterling button as a clasp.  Here is an early look:

I'm delighted with the artists that will be here on Saturday, Stop by, they will be waiting for you....With a cookie!

All the best,


Thursday, September 10, 2015


As many of you know I have two daughters in college.  As their mother I view them as particularly smart, incredibly beautiful, hard working, funny, and gentle-hearted.  As young women typically are, they are fraught with uncertainty and vulnerability and spend a lot of time wondering about the future.  My years have allowed me the following wisdom:

Do your very best....with compassion, conviction, and good intentions. Then throw it out there. Throw it into God's hands, the benevolence of the universe, or the fates.....

I truly believe that the good you put out there will come back to you. It's just a question of time.

With this on my mind I will have some new pieces (that I'm particularly happy with) available for this week's Ligonier Country Market. You will have to hunt for me, I won't be in my typical spot....It's gonna be the best day ever :)

All the very best to you,


Friday, July 31, 2015

(Late) Summer....

The sun is bright, the sky is clear, we have a blue moon this evening, what could be more perfect for a summer day?  Skin is sun warmed and hair is natural and wind blown.  Really the glory days of summer, she's just showing off.

But tomorrow we flip the page on the calendar and summer becomes "late summer" and August conjures thoughts of school and those last warm weather vacations before fall.  This is when I find myself inspired to make pieces that transition nicely into the next season, and the metal I love for this is gold....with a cool stone.  Gold looks magical against summer skin but the cool stone carries us into cooler weather.  This is what I'm talking about:

Simple, but I love that watery Moss Aquamarine.

Then again, there is so much fun left to wring out of summer...Something playful and bright might be just the thing.  I typically make color block bracelets, but I decided to color block a necklace with all sorts of fabulous faceted stones, I love the look of this boho style piece tucked in the neckline of a crisp white blouse.....I think I'll be making one of these for myself and my Market helper (tomorrow it is Marlee).  I envision it with the slim white boyfriend shirt from Madewell...My new source for fashion inspiration.  Here is the necklace (two are pictured)

It is longer (22inches) and allows for a simple metal necklace to be layered above....Stop by and see what we mean!
I'll be at the Ligonier Country Market tomorrow, August 1st.  This really is the peak of the produce season for the farmers and I can't wait to see what they have to offer tomorrow!

Best wishes,


Friday, July 10, 2015

Feeling blue......Rainy day blues.....

So much rain!  So easy to wonder where our summer is hiding! Even though blue can have many negative connotations this summer, it is still one of my favorite colors to work with.  But I prefer to think of it in terms of blue skies or "watery" blue, can't forget Essie's beautiful blue nail polish called "In the Cab-Ana," and of course there is also Caribbean blue.  See where I'm going with this?  The Caribbean has given us a beautiful stone that some of you are familiar with: Larimar, and I've put it to good use conjuring warm breezes and that sunny place......

I'll be bringing that blue with me to the Ligonier Country Market tomorrow.  And maybe summer will make an appearance!

Wishing you all good things (and a little sunshine)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sweet, sweet summertime....

What is it about the first real weeks of summer? The days are long, the sun is bright, and the breeze is warm and fragrant.  The perfumed scent of clover, blooming berry bushes, and freshly mowed grass are absolutely intoxicating! It keeps floral and botanical motifs at the forefront of my design sketch book. Leaves, branches, twigs, but configured in light, airy, and layerable designs.  Because it is summer I tend toward lighter pieces. If it is a warm, humid day I want the option of choosing a delicate piece or two that won't lay heavy and sticky. Something simple and delicate.  Something that will make me think of icy lemonade, a cold glass of iced tea, or maybe some of the Fever Tree Elderflower tonic I have chilling....With a splash of gin, of course. Better yet, watch the tutorial for Fever Tree's "Endless Summer" Cocktail. Oh my.....One of these and a screened in porch are all you need for a lazy summer evening. You are very welcome!!  But back to the jewelry....

I am also thinking of the classic pairing of turquoise and coral. A go-to summer color combination that is so magical against sunkissed skin.

I've been busy designing pieces that fit my current design criteria and I will have them at the Ligonier Country Market on Saturday, June 13th...Here is a little preview:

Have you been to the Ligonier Country Market this summer? The layout has been revamped and it is organized more cohesively.  The market is at capacity every weekend and the vendors are so accomplished! What a selection of gorgeous flowers, organic small farm vegetables, fabulous baked goods, talented jewelry artists and artisans....So many friendly faces!  It is always fun to return to that welcoming and supportive community. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday, so please drop by and pick up some fresh and delicious weekend dinner ingredients and maybe something sparkly to accent an earlobe, drip from a wrist, or glisten around your neck in the sunshine....

Wishing you safe travels and warm breezes!

Salute! Cin cin!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kicking off the Ligonier Country Market Season!

It is officially summer and I am excited to be back at the Ligonier Country Market for my 14th year?!?! I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces of both vendors and customers.  It will be so nice to shake off the dust of the long winter and catch up with everyone.  I have lots of fresh new pieces, the sun will be shining,  and you will be able to find me located smack dab in the middle of the market, so please, pop in and say hello!

Wishing you warm breezes and sunshine,


Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am easily distracted.....

I've been enjoying the beautiful weather while working in my studio. Windows thrown open, a gusty breeze blowing through and the bench is brightly lit by sunlight. I'm still reminiscing about the Matisse Cut Outs exhibit I saw in January and it shows in my work. But my attention span is short: I make a piece, stop and listen to birdsong, make another piece, check my email, make a piece, text a friend, make a piece, pour a cup of coffee...But I can't deny the energy that is flowing through the studio.  At one point I take a call from my daughter, Alex, who is at Roanoke College.  Roanoke is a beautiful school in southern Virginia with well-dressed and well-mannered students.  We talk about "If Alex could, she would (and does) wear pearls everyday and shop exclusively at Lilly Pulitzer."  We talk about the collaboration between Target and Lilly Pulitzer, "Brilliant!"  Then I look across my work bench and the Matisse colors begin to look like Lilly Pulitzer colors reflecting Lilly's Palm Beach prints....And I'm busily back to work.

So here is a peek at a piece for the Artful Affair that was inspired by Matisse's Large Decoration with Masks....

Maybe Lilly Pulitzer found her inspiration in Henri Matisse as well.

Spring symbolizes new starts and fresh beginnings and I'm feeling it! I'm energized and excited and looking forward to showing you the new pieces.  The Artful Affair is Saturday, April 25th, check the side bar for details. And then, in a few short weeks it is back to the Ligonier Country Market.  What a great season this will be and I hope you take a moment to stop by and see what I've been up to.

Wishing you sunshine and warm breezes,


Saturday, March 21, 2015


In January, I traveled to New York City to see a much anticipated art exhibit.  Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at MoMA was breathtaking, energetic, joyful, and more than I hoped it would be.  The condensation of complex figures into the simplest, purest line and color was incredibly inspiring.  I returned to the studio with color on my mind. Not long after, I stumbled upon a quote from fashion designer, Eileen Fisher: "I like simplicity; it makes the woman important."   Combine that with the introduction of a new approach to metal cutting by my talented friend and LaDeDa Jewelry designer, Angie Sebolt, and I was on my way!!!

Shaping my own cut-outs, reacquainting myself with bold color, and keeping true to simple clean designs, has been liberating and envigorating.  So, taking a page from many books, I am putting my own stamp on the cut-out concept and spring is shaping up to be a very exciting season!
Here's a preview of  some of the new pieces....

Pair this with a linen Eileen Fisher shirtdress, a clean and casual hemp dress in Turkish Red from Patagonia, or go for bold botanicals with a fresh looking dress from Boden, either way my new designs will pair nicely!  I promise that it is spring, and after the winter we have had it just begs for a bold and celebratory approach to the longer warmer days ahead.

SAVE THE DATE....The spring Artful Affair is April 25th and you will be able to find my designs and those of nearly a dozen other artists. A great way to kick-off the season!

Best to all,