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Monday, December 3, 2012

Karen's Trunk Show

It feels like a warm and welcome tradition to drive to Ellicott City, MD for a Zippity Doodads trunk show hosted by  Karen Good.  I crank up the Christmas music, make a stop at Starbucks, and drive south.  It is always an incredibly joyful event with lots of beautiful women, lively conversation and gourmet eats.  It is a real blessing to be included in Karen's circle!  With this in mind I decided to make some special pieces for this trip and really focused on rubies, emeralds and pearls.  Certainly pieces I think that would pair well with my new obsession: red tartan capris from J Crew!

I also have some great "less girly" pieces that I envision with something like the Bun warmer skirt from!  Oh, that skirt would pair nicely with some Sporto boots like the ones I wore across the college campus back in the 80's....Time flies, but styles come around again and again.

Now if it would just snow!

Peace to you all and I'll see you Marylanders very soon!