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Friday, July 12, 2013

Loving red, white, and blue is more than just patriotism....

So MANY reasons to love those famous colors! Whether you are celebrating the birth of our nation or Bastille Day, those three colors are a wardrobe staple. 

Let's discuss white. We all know that pearls are timeless and can be worn in so many ways, with so many things. 

Navy is truly a versatile color and aside from its classy, tailored appearance it is a classic summer must-have for the nautical look.  And what says navy better than a glistening sapphire?

Now red.  I have always believed that red is a neutral.  It goes with so much.  And as for red in the summer? Absolutely! And it isn't just because ruby is my birthstone!
Here is a peek at how I interpreted that patriotic palette....

And no one does navy and nautical better than Lilly Pulitzer!  Take a look at her Amanda dress, or even the Reeve dress.  Sigh. I love summer!

Swing by the Ligonier Country Market tomorrow and stop in.  Wish me a Happy Bastille Day (I'm not French but it is my birthday)!