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Friday, August 15, 2014

Indecision? Keep it simple!

This time of year it is a toss up if the weather will be hazy, hot, and humid, or cool and breezy. Is it fall? Is it summer? Days are are getting shorter and kids are heading back to school, so it must be fall but we don't want to let go of summer.  It was just that indecision in the studio that inspired the newest pieces.  I couldn't settle on a color or stone to work with, so I chose to keep it simple and stay with the metals. And why choose between silver or gold? The new designs are clean, streamlined, and simple.  When so much is going on and life is crazy we all need that reliable go-to piece that compliments everything.  This is my answer to that challenge.  Stop by the Ligonier Country Market tomorrow (I'm in spot D9) and check it out, I will have these waiting for you!

And mark your calendars: The Artful Affair is September 20th and we will have new artists and our old favorites too!  Excited to welcome Cherise Burau of Rustic Frames by Cherise to the event!