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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I hate to call it so soon...But Spring is here, right?? Then let's CELEBRATE!

What warm, sunny glorious days we've had recently.  Such sweet payoff for such a long and protracted winter.  Maya Angelou was correct when she recently commented "Spring is turning out to be a little late this year. We are longing for more fresh greens growing and more birds chirping. Spring will come, I know, and when it comes it will be sweeter than had it come on time. We will all be grateful." And I am grateful.

I am also grateful that I still have my tiny design business and wonderful loyal customers.  And I am always grateful for the fresh new faces as well.  So in the spirit of spring gratitude...Thank you!!

I am also delighted that the snow is gone and I am even welcoming those warm rainy spring days.  I love the drama of the sky during those rain storms and I found a beautiful blue stone that makes me think of big fat raindrops.  The entire collection of pieces made from this robin's egg blue agate I am naming Rainwater.  Take a look:
And, staying true to myself, I am working with some stunning new pearls.  I was even able to work one of my favorite style elements (nautical) into some of the pieces...
This piece would look perfect layered with one of the coastal wrist pieces made by Rhode Island based Kiel James Patrick! Oh my...And with a bold, effortless dress by Lilly Pulitzer?? I'm getting itchy with inspiration!  And secretly, or maybe not so much so, I always picture myself abroad, say, in Morocco, wearing a fun and long-wearing piece of my own jewelry with a fabulous and smart dress from Patagonia...Click the link to see the one I am speaking of.  Passport is ready.  Now to pick the location, buy the dress and pluck the piece from my inventory.  If it were so simple....I'm always traveling, even if it is in my mind... 
I digress...
I know summer is coming soon and I think I shall have those bases covered with bright colors like oranges, mints, pinks and emeralds. Stop in at the Spring Artful Affair (details to the right) and see the new designs and lots of other talented artists and sweets-makers...I love hosting this event and am tickled that my old favorites are back and the new talent is exceptional.  See you the 27th of April?