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Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am easily distracted.....

I've been enjoying the beautiful weather while working in my studio. Windows thrown open, a gusty breeze blowing through and the bench is brightly lit by sunlight. I'm still reminiscing about the Matisse Cut Outs exhibit I saw in January and it shows in my work. But my attention span is short: I make a piece, stop and listen to birdsong, make another piece, check my email, make a piece, text a friend, make a piece, pour a cup of coffee...But I can't deny the energy that is flowing through the studio.  At one point I take a call from my daughter, Alex, who is at Roanoke College.  Roanoke is a beautiful school in southern Virginia with well-dressed and well-mannered students.  We talk about "If Alex could, she would (and does) wear pearls everyday and shop exclusively at Lilly Pulitzer."  We talk about the collaboration between Target and Lilly Pulitzer, "Brilliant!"  Then I look across my work bench and the Matisse colors begin to look like Lilly Pulitzer colors reflecting Lilly's Palm Beach prints....And I'm busily back to work.

So here is a peek at a piece for the Artful Affair that was inspired by Matisse's Large Decoration with Masks....

Maybe Lilly Pulitzer found her inspiration in Henri Matisse as well.

Spring symbolizes new starts and fresh beginnings and I'm feeling it! I'm energized and excited and looking forward to showing you the new pieces.  The Artful Affair is Saturday, April 25th, check the side bar for details. And then, in a few short weeks it is back to the Ligonier Country Market.  What a great season this will be and I hope you take a moment to stop by and see what I've been up to.

Wishing you sunshine and warm breezes,