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Monday, September 16, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Intro to Fall

Fall is that teaser season where we have glimpses of both summer and winter. Today as I sat down to work in the studio, the skies were presenting a cool, stormy, gray green but the air was warm and humid.  The first drawer of gems I went to select from was filled with less common, gorgeous, moss aquamarine stones. Just like that stormy sky.  Then I turned to the metals and wanted to create that light, layerable bangle that is secure.  The results are pictured below.  As I sat back to study and critique the new pieces I kept thinking of my standard criteria for acceptance in the fall: How will it look with a gray cashmere sweater? Or even this season's favorite color: Camel.  My conclusion: Ahhh. Yes!!!  

..... And here is the sweater I have been dreaming of....Once again Garnet Hill has the plushest, coziest, cashmere sweater: The button detail Cashmere t-neck....And it comes in both camel and gray.  Why choose?

Stop by the Ligonier Country Market this Saturday to catch me for the last time this season. Can't make it? Then by all means stop by the Artful Affair on the 21st! Talented artists, culinary wizards, and a cup of tea. What could possible by better? See the sidebar to eth right for details!