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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feeling Fall...

So what comes to mind when you think of fall?  I go to images of curled up hunting dogs, wrapping up in a cozy sweater, a plaid throw, sipping a cappuccino, the smell of wood smoke and anticipation of that first fire in the fireplace.

This morning was the quintessential first day of fall for me.  It was 42 degrees, Empire apples are being harvested at my local orchard, my daughter is loving Roanoke College, and there was "the outfit" on J. Crew's website.  Make your way over through the link and see if words like "ginger" and "caramel" don't come to mind!!  So now, my work bench is littered with bits of classic elements.  Pearls!!  Long strands of warm beige pearls.  A double strand bracelet was made with the idea that it could be layered with bangles, perhaps warmed up with gold??  I liked the look so much that I made dinner reservations for later in the weekend just so I could wear them!! 

Another great place for inspiration is the blog: Classy Girls Wear Pearls.  Who doesn't think that New England is the perfect term to help congure pictures of  fall fashion??

This Saturday is our 3rd ANNUAL ARTFUL AFFAIR and we will have many talented artists with many lovely treasures for you to browse and sample.  I will have pearls, I promise!!  There will be greenery and delectables, paintings and wearables....I can't wait to open my house to the artists and you!

Check the sidebar for Artful Affair details...

And if things go well at the Artful Affair I will hit "checkout" on my Garnet Hill shopping cart.  Naturally the Eileen Fisher sweater dress that is waiting in there will look smashing with pearls ;)

Best to all,

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