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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking for a little levity

Is it the weather that has you in a funk? Are you exhausted by the political rhetoric? Is it the post holiday blues?  Well I am refocusing and looking for a little levity, care to join me?

This Christmas brought Zippity Doodads a tool that has been on the Christmas list for 15 years.  After familiarizing myself with the capabilities and on a steep refresher course curve I am getting pretty excited about the new designs for 2017.  I am working on items for the Westmoreland Museum in Greensburg, PA as well as the Ligonier Country Market and the Artful Affairs.

This is where the levity comes in.  Few things can coax a smile from me like a glass of bubbly...With that in mind I am using bubbles in many designs. I mean, really, how charming and fun and non-toxic are bubbles, for heavens sake?! Let them adorn your ears, grace your neck...Maybe your wrist?  BUBBLES folks. I am smiling just writing the word.  Oh, and I am using that new Flex Shaft Prodigy Tool to evolve my leaves and bring to life some funky, abstract flowers.  Flowers and bubbles.  Yeeeeeessssss!!!

I've turned up the music (Emile Sande, Breathing Underwater is pumping through the studio) pulled another Americano and put on the safety goggles.  Fixing my focus, rolling up my sleeves, and plunging into 2017!

Here is a sample of what this year has in store for you from Zippity Doodads...

Wishing you all peace,



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